Adriaan De Groot
Ashley Scarborough
Francesco Luigi Feltrin
Francisco Rojas Miranda
Freyja Sewell
Jiabao Zhang
Jiahui Yang
Jintong Zhu
Marcel Mueller
Mathias Kok
Matteo Bandi
Megan Wang
Nikeisha Nelson
Oliver Burgess
Peijie Gu
Sara Pagani Periti
Stephen Curtis
Suheyl Onal
Ting-Yu Liu

Design Products develops students to be creative, innovative design thinkers supporting them on the journey to develop their own design identities.

Design Products embraces a pluralistic approach to design through a number of design cultures through which students develop their design identify and own design culture. These cultures represent current discourses within the discipline and or, addressing and shaping future discourses.Design Products enables students to conceptualise and validate ideas by canvassing, provoking, challenging, and questioning people, places, technology, things and systems.

This year’s graduates are characterised by designing for purpose through a number of platforms – ‘Design through Making’, ‘Design for Manufacture’, ‘Object Mediated Interactions’, ‘Design as Catalyst’, ‘Exploring Emergent Futures’ – which are underpinned by a set of contextual and real world themes. Projects tackle healthcare, AI applications for sports and music; design of new sustainable material, exploring new approaches to making, the aesthetics and functionality of products.

Design Products is educating students to be design-thinkers who can address real world challenges through balancing high levels of creativity and technical capability with contextual insight and empathy for people and, understanding and shaping future discourses.Graduates are creative catalysts and visionaries who go on to lead in design consultancies, join established companies, and to set up their own design studios and start-ups.


Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore SW11 7EU, South Kensington London